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See-Through Plastics


Brimar Performance Group stocks Plexiglas, Lucite, Perspex, and Acrylite. Standard sizes range 48" x 96" sheets to 75"x150", and from .060" to 1.25" thick in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Larger/thicker sizes are readily available and we cut to any size. Of course, there is Rod, Tube (Clear and Colors), and Shapes. Other Variations: Abrasion Resistant, Bullet Resistant, Non-Glare, UV Filter (blocks 98%), UV Transmitting (for a suntan), Mirrored, 2 way Mirror, Cloth/Pattern/Lace embedded, Mil-Spec grade, Freeway Noise Barrier Grade (really - check out Highway 56).


Acrylic Blocks and Embedments

While stock sizes range up to 4" thick, virtually any size block of acrylic can be cast to your requirements. We just need the sizes. For those looking to "float" something in acrylic, we can do that too! We even put a piece of the Berlin Wall in a slab of acrylic to hang on a customer's wall.



Brimar Performance Group stocks Lexan, Tuffak, & Cyrolon from .010" to .500" in sheets from 24"x48" to 72"x96" in clear and gray tint. Of course, there is Rod, Tube, and Shapes. Other Variations: Abrasion Resistant (1 or 2 sides), Non-Glare, and in rolls (really!) - see Bullet Resistant Lexguard.



Roll Stock available from .003" to .014" thick in 48:" widths. We can slit to other widths and apply pressure sensitive adhesive.



Known as Spectar from Eastman Chemical this material is virtually unbreakable and is recyclable like PET 2 liter pop bottles. Sheet stock only from .030" to .250" thick up to 48"x96.



Known as Visqueen, large plastic rolls from 4' to 40' wide x 100' long in clear and black. COEX - a "twinwall" sheet for insulative glazing in cold places.


Vinyl (Clear PVC)

Available from .010" up. We also have Static Dissipative Sheet that is clear - great for custom housings for sensitive instruments.



Cellulose acetate butyrate.

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